O’Neil Jewelers owner says “thanks” to customers and well-wishers

O’Neil Jewelers owner Steven Varriale is back at the store after health problems kept him away for a short time.

SPONSORED POST: O’Neil Jewelers owner Steven Varriale wants everybody to know that he is back in action at his 61 Central St. business. But perhaps more importantly, he’d like to to thank his customers and well-wishers for sticking by him as he recovered from leg surgery he underwent late in the summer.

“I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate all the support. I’m feeling great now,” Varriale said. “My brother helped out in the store with urgent matters while I was recovering, but I couldn’t just sit around recovering for long. I had to get back to the shop. Now things are back to normal and I’ve been doing a refresh of the store. New floors are in and the display cases are freshened up.”

Not to worry, the same customer service and product quality that O’Neil Jewelers is known for remains the same. As does Varriale’s work ethic. There’s a reason he’s been a Wellesley Square fixture for decades. Refusing to let a little thing like surgery get in the way of running the business is one of those reasons. Especially when the busiest season of the year is coming. Especially when your customers are counting on you.

Welcome back, Steve. Things are back to normal in the Square now.

Wellesley O'Neil Jewelers
Varriale has done a refresh of the store. New flooring is down, and he’s reworked the displays.