Wellesley Schools using survey as next step to assess schools climate

This from the Wellesley Public Schools:

Recently the Wellesley Public Schools district has partnered with the consulting group The Kingston Bay Group to work with us around assessing the current climate of our schools.  We have a strong desire to make sure we are doing proactive work around making our schools safe and welcoming for all kids.  We believe partnering with the Kingston Bay Group is another effort to breathe life into our core values.  Your participation in this survey will provide data that will help us reach that goal:

Click here for the survey:

Chinese Survey
English Survey
Korean Survey
Spanish Survey
Vietnamese Survey

In addition, students will also be asked to fill out a survey on Tuesday, November 14th during an extended advisory so that we can hear their voices as well. Their participation is voluntary, but we would appreciate as many of their responses as possible.

Finally, you should know we have asked all our staff to fill out a survey designed for them.  The Group is also conducting interviews and focus groups in an effort to develop a more complete set of qualitative data.

This assessment of our climate is essential work for our school and our community.  Thank you for your help making it happen.