What they’ll be talking about at Wellesley Town Meeting

Wellesley Town Hall bellThe official 42-article warrant for the 2018 Annual Town Meeting has been released, and there’s something for everyone in there. You can browse the warrant below, well in advance of the March 26 Town Meeting kick-off.

Among the issues to be voted on:

*Funding the purchase and installation of an electronic permitting system for the town to the tune of $170K

*Approving millions to support key Wellesley operations such as the water, sewer and municipal light plant systems

*Fixing up the Middle School and adding to the Wellesley High track and field facility (and learn the word appurtenant, too)

*Sprucing up the Library, Town Hall and Grove Street

*Restricting pot businesses

*Rezoning properties like Morses Pond Beach and Problem Rock to protect them under a park/rec/conservation umbrella

*Deciding on outdoor lighting rules’

*Reworking animal control laws

Download (PDF, Unknown)