Wellesley Bertucci’s restaurant closes abruptly

Customers at the Wellesley Bertucci’s on Sunday night were told the restaurant was closing for good when they left and the remaining takeout orders were picked up.

One customer who arrived around 7:30pm with his wife was politely greeted by the manager from Bertucci’s Needham restaurant, who said the restaurant team found out at 7pm that the eatery was being shuttered. As a parting gift, the manager gave the customer a coupon for the Needham location.

We swung by the Playhouse Square building at 9:20pm-ish on Sunday night and all the lights were out (the restaurant usually closes at 9pm on Sundays, so that did seem like an awfully quick lights out). No signs were on the windows to indicate anything was awry.

But Bertucci’s first thing Monday responded to our inquiry, and confirmed the closing, described as “lease-related, unfortunately.” Other Playhouse Square tenants, such as TD Bank and Legit Activewear, have also departed this property in months past. Real estate banners have popped up on the building encouraging new tenants to sign on.

Bertucci's Wellesley

Bertucci’s emailed customers on Monday morning with the following message titled “Bertucci’s Important News” (including a $10 coupon, no minimum purchase):

Dear [customer],

We are sad to report that yesterday was our last day of operation at Bertucci’s in Wellesley. The reason for closing was lease-related. We are doing everything possible to relocate many of our Wellesley staff members to other Boston-area Bertucci’s locations.

While this news is tough to deliver, we hope that you — our valued guests — will consider visiting our other nearby Bertucci’s. Closest to Wellesley, our team members at Bertucci’s Needham are ready to step in to satisfy your craving for our rolls, pizza, pasta and more. For location information, please visit bertuccis.com/locations.

Thank you for being a Dough Nation member and loyal Bertucci’s fan. We hope that you’ll continue to come to a Bertucci’s nearest you and that you’ll stay in the club. Please click this link to choose a new Bertucci’s home store so that you can continue to enjoy all of the benefits of membership, including birthday, half-birthday, wedding anniversary gifts and more.

To our wonderful team members and loyal guests in Wellesley, we thank you for your support over the years.

The news about Wellesley’s pizza-plus joint closing comes on the heels of the Bertucci’s in Kenmore Square in Boston shutting down last month after 15 years in business and the Bertucci’s in Faneuil Hall being shuttered in January. Lease issues were also cited in those closings.

About 80 Bertucci’s locations are listed on the company’s website, and all is happiness on the company’s social media (i.e, latest Facebook post starts: “Happiness is a warm Bertucci’s roll dipped in olive oil.”).

With Bertucci’s closing, the cries have already started among longtime or past Wellesley residents to bring back the Community Playhouse that once occupied that building and showed movies for decades until it shut down in 1987. More reactions from customers and other observers have begun flooding in to our Facebook page.

Meanwhile, for those seeking pizza in Wellesley, no shortage of options exist, from chains like Upper Crust and California Pizza Kitchen, to one-of-a-kinds such as Old School.

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