Wellesley votes today, March 6

March 6, 2018 is the Annual Town Election

Polling places will be open 7am – 8pm. Voters actually in line at 8pm will be allowed to vote.

There are three contested races:

1) Town Clerk (vote for 1):

Ron Alexander
K.C. Kato

Meet Wellesley’s two candidates for Town Clerk

2) NRC (vote for 2):

Katie Griffith
Martin J. McHale, Jr.
Jerry Nigro
Laura Roberts

Meet Wellesley’s four candidates for the NRC

3) School Committee (vote for 2):

Ronald Alexander
Linda H. Chow
Sharon Gray

Meet Wellesley’s three candidates for School Committee

Here are all the offices on the ballot for the March 6, 2018 election:

Board of Assessors, 1 seat (uncontested)
W. Arthur Garrity, III

Board of Public Works, 1 seat (uncontested)
David A. T. Donohue

Board of Health, 1 seat (uncontested)
Marcia Testa Simonson

Moderator, 1 year, 1 seat (uncontested)
Donald S. McCauley

Town Clerk, 3 years, 1 seat (contested)
Ron Alexander
KC Kato
Board of Selectmen, 2 seats (uncontested)
Marjorie R. Freiman
Jack H. Morgan

School Committee, 2 seats (contested)

Ron Alexander
Linda H. Chow
Sharon Gray

Library Trustees, 2 seats (uncontested)
Maura Murphy
Diane C. Savage

Natural Resources Commission, 2 seats (contested)
Katie Griffith
Martin J. McHale, Jr.
Jerry Nigro
Laura Robert

Where to vote:

Precinct A: Bates School- Cafeteria, 116 Elmwood Road
Precinct B: Sprague School- Gym, 401 School Street
Precinct C: Upham School- Gym, 35 Wynnewood Road
Precinct D: Schofield School- Gym, 27 Cedar Street
Precinct E: Fiske School- Gym, 45 Hastings Street
Precinct F: Dana Hall School, Shipley Center, 142 Grove Street
Precinct G: Wellesley Free Library- Wakelin Room, 530 Washington Street (enter from rear parking lot)
Precinct H: Tolles Parsons Center at 500 Washington Street (Precinct H formerly voted at the High School)

Voting procedure

Voter lists are arranged alphabetically by street name. Voters should check signs at the entrance to the polling place to find the correct line based on your street address. Voters will check in at the table by stating your street name house number then your name. The Inspector will repeat your address and name aloud. If you are listed as “inactive” you will need to show current proof of continued residency in Wellesley. If you registered by mail and have not yet voted in Massachusetts you will need identification. All other voters will be issued ballots without further identification.

After check-in, voter will proceed to ballot marking booths. Voter should use the ballot marking pen to fill in the oval next to the candidate of your choice. After marking the ballot, voter should proceed to checkout table before depositing ballot in tabulation machine. If voter makes an error in marking the ballot, voter may have up to three replacements.

For additional information, contact Kathleen F. Nagle, Town Clerk,  781-431-1019ext. 2250 or knagle@wellesleyma.gov