Still a chance to share input before Wellesley Planning, Selectmen vote on Unified Plan this Monday

Wellesley Unified Plan

UPDATE (3/16/18): The Wellesley Planning Board and Board of Selectmen will meet Monday night to vote on the Unified Plan, so now’s the time to take a peek at it and share with the town any thoughts you have.

The 15-chapter, 308-page Wellesley Unified Plan is now available as a draft document for public perusal, and there’s a lot to digest in there.

I’ve been scrolling through it on my iPhone on the commuter rail train, and have definitely learned a few things (and it looks pretty darned good on a phone, with its many colorful charts and community survey results). The plan covers everything from schools to sustainability to affordable and empty-nester housing to economic planning.

Among the more interesting ideas I hadn’t previously heard much about are the concept of a new performing arts center in town and adding someone in town government to oversee economic development from office parks to established retail areas (as Needham has done). And there are fun (or not so fun) facts galore, such as that 45% of working Wellesley residents work in town and that the net gain in single-family housing between 2014 and 2018 in Wellesley was just 11 units. One section delves into possible uses for the North 40, including as a location for housing.

The town wants to hear your feedback on the plan, so read away…