Upcoming RDF events: paint recyling, household hazardous waste day, shredding

Saturday, May 5: Paint Recycling day:  The following materials are accepted: Interior and exterior latex paint, interior and exterior oil based alkyd paint, and solidified paint. Materials that are not accepted are: creosote and turpentine, other solvents, and unmarked containers. These materials may be brought to the RDF on Household Hazardous Products Collection Day.

Sunday, May 6: This is your opportunity to dispose of any hazardous items in your home at the Wellesley Recycling and Disposal Facility, and to have documents shredded. Please see the attached list of items that can/cannot be brought to the RDF on this day.

Contact the Wellesley Fire Department for guidance on getting rid of explosives, fireworks,  and radioactives.