The running of the fish has begun in Wellesley

While the people were running the Boston Marathon, the fish have been running Fuller Brook. Here are some Wellesley kids helping one up the fish ladder between Grove St. and Hunnewell elementary school. We’ve been told in the past by Wellesley officials that alewife are the most common fish found in the brook. The water looks nice and high for them unlike in some previous years when low water levels in the brook have led us to wonder if they could really “jump” high enough to make it up and over the ladder.

Good luck on your journey to the Atlantic Ocean, Wellesley alewifes.

Thanks to local artist Chelsea Sebastian for these great pics.

Wellesley alewifes
It takes skill and perfect timing to catch an alewife as they make their way upstream.


Wellesley alewifes
These kids look like they’ve organized a catch-and-release program for the alewifes, as they work to make it upstream.