Wellesley High students organizing storytelling event focused on light

Wellesley evolutionsMembers of Wellesley High School’s project-based Evolutions learning program will be hosting a Moth-like storytelling event this month called Spotlight Night that will put the focus on the topic of light.

The event, to be held at Wellesley Free Library from 4-6pm on April 23, is designed for high school/college storytellers, though anyone can attend. Stories told at the event should be true and personal. A creative display involving shadows and colors will serve as a background.

In this project, we hope to explore the themes of light and dark as well as the focusing power of the spotlight… how a narrowed or direct view of light, how an intentional direct beam of light can tell the story an author wants to tell,” writes Lilly Brenneman, who is spearheading the program along with Caroline Morrow and Alex Flynn. “We also want to have speakers come up and tell a story about their truism, and when they found it,” Brenneman says.

If you have an interest in sharing your story, please contact one of the organizers, though there will be a sign-up sheet at the door for those who have last-minute inspiration: 19brennemanl@wpsraiders.org (Lilly); 19morrowc@wpsraiders.org (Caroline); 19flynna@wpsraiders.org (Alex).