Charities sought for Wellesley’s Boston Marathon invitational entries

Boston Marathon halfway mark in Wellesley

Wellesley has begun the annual process of doling out invitational entries for the Boston Marathon that are distributed to communities along the race course.

Wellesley receives 22 entries, 4 of which go to public safety workers (if there are takers) and 2 go to residents willing to raise funds for the War Memorial Scholarship. The rest are available to charities, and such organizations can now apply to get dibs on an antry. The Board of Selectmen will review applications and designate awardees, with a focus on charitable organizations that contribute to the town and its residents.

To be considered for an invitational entry, charities must complete the 2019 Invitational Entry
Application (see below) and return it to the Selectmen’s office by Monday, Nov. 26. Charities receiving entries are encouraged to give preference to Wellesley residents, and must report how much is raised through the effort.

Individual runners seeking an invitational entry can either: (a) encourage a charity of their choice to submit an application; or (b) submit their name to the Selectmen’s office to be kept apprised of the charities designated to receive entries. Be warned: You’ll be expected to raise at least $4,000 if you’re selected for a number.

Applications for charitable entries should be sent to and any questions directed to:

Blythe C. Robinson, Selectmen’s Office
Wellesley Town Hall
525 Washington Street
Wellesley, MA 02482
781‐431-1019 x2200

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