Don’t feel trapped in Wellesley, and other bylaws

Wellesley bylaws

The Wellesley town bylaws might not have made any of 2018’s best reads lists, but you could learn a thing or two by scrolling through the online version or by flipping through a hard copy available at town hall:

  • For instance, did you know that Wellesley appoints a Keeper of the Lockup? That would be Wellesley Police Chief Jack Pilecki.
  • It costs the same to get a birth, death or marriage certificate: $10. Add your own punchline here _______
  • Article 49.2A might not be long for this world. It focuses on Printed Matter Vending Machines in Public Ways and Places.
  • Mutilation of Plants is forbidden under Article 49.8A: “No person shall, without lawful authority, remove, cut, deface, mutilate, or apply paint to any tree, bush, flower or plant growing on land held under the jurisdiction of any Town board.”
  • You’re not allowed to use traps, under Article 49.9B. That includes any type of leghold, steel-jaw, Conibear, or padded jaw trap. Yikes.
  • Keep your clothes on, at least if you’re not in a pretty private hot tub. No nude bathing or swimming in any of the lakes, ponds or rivers within the Town. Nope, that never happens.
  • No pot consumption allowed on town streets, sidewalks, public ways, etc.
  • Businesses face a $50 fine for their first offense re: the plastic bag ban bylaw.

I was actually a little disappointed not to find any bylaws that seemed too outdated. Did I miss any?

We did not, by the way, find a bylaw that says those providing services to residents are required to charge a Wellesley tax, but we’ll keep looking.