It’s curtains up soon for Tyler & Sash in Wellesley at former convenience store location

The former Red Apple location has looked a little seedy ever since the convenience store peeled out in June 2018, leaving gum-seeking Hunnewell students adrift on early-release Wednesdays. The storefront likely won’t recognize itself once it gets a makeover from Tyler & Sash, slated to open in February at 540 Washington St. Look for the full-service interior design gallery to rip down the brown paper that currently passes for a window treatment at the Cameron and Washington Street corner location and seriously refresh it with something swanky.

Store hours will be

Saturday: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Tyler & Sash, Wellesley
Interior design company Tyler & Sash is looking to open in February at the former Red Apple location.




The company also has a location in Winchester where it offers custom shutters, shades, and drapes as well as wallpaper and upholstery “solutions”.

A couple doors down in the former Yogurtology space, Rice Burg is getting closer to opening. The Board of Selectmen on December 17 approved the healthy rice burgers and bowls business for its first foray from food trucks to bricks-and-mortar. Owner Jessica Shen in a move designed to take advantage of practically new equipment left behind by Yogurtology and capitalize on past consumer behaviors, will also offer fro-yo at the 552 Washington Street location, next to Old School Pizzeria. The Rice Burg food trucks will continue to roam the streets of Cambridge and Boston.


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