Wellesley Service League wants YOU to be a member

Wellesley Service LeagueThe Wellesley Service League will hold an informational coffee on Wednesday, February 6, 10am, on how to become a member of the volunteer organization. Established in 1927 to provide volunteer services to the community ranging from education, children, elderly, cultural and other charitable interests, it’s one of Wellesley’s longest-running volunteer institutions.

Come meet current members and find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this working and social club. Can’t make it to the coffee? No problem, just email one of the membership chairs. They’ll tell you all about how to get a sponsor (it’s easy), and how everyone who joins says it’s an incredibly rewarding and fun club experience.

For event location and general information, email membership chairs Liz Robbins at glrob4@verizon.net or Michelle Ouelette at ouelette123@verizon.net

The group’s partnerships include Barton Road Girls and Boys; Wellesley Friendly Aid Camp Fund; Men’s Group program, and over a dozen more groups and organizations. Membership is open to any woman 25 or older who has lived in Wellesley for at least one year, and who is sponsored by a current or former member.  Members commit to 65 volunteer hours per year (averaging 6-7 hours monthly, September through June) for a period of five years. It’s a unique opportunity to support the Wellesley community while getting to know women from all over town.

The application deadline for membership is March 29, 2019. More on that here.