Plan ahead: here are the April 15, 2019 Marathon Day road closures in Wellesley

Wellesley Police Station
Wellesley Police Station

The Wellesley Police Department wants you to know about road closures during the 123rd running of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, 2019.

Marathon Route Closure:

The Boston Marathon route divides Wellesley in half.  The race enters Wellesley on Central Street (Rt. 135) at the Natick line near Wellesley College.  The race route proceeds east on Central Street through Wellesley Square.  The race then continues on Washington Street (Rt. 16) eastbound through Wellesley Hills and into the Lower Falls.  The race leaves Wellesley on Washington Street at the Newton line.

The only way to cross over the route with a motor vehicle is to utilize Route 9 (Worcester Street) underneath Route 16 (Washington Street).

The Boston Marathon requires significant road closures in Wellesley.  Please note the following:

Central Street will be closed from the Natick line to Grove Street.  Washington Street will be closed from Grove Street to the Newton line.  There will be no traffic allowed across the race route once the road is closed.  Vehicles parked in parking lots along the route will not be allowed to leave until the road is open.

The roads will close between 8:15 AM and 8:30 AM on April 15, and remain closed until the end of the race.  We expect to begin opening the roads at 3:00 PM.  Please note this is an approximate time for opening.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CROSS THE RACE ROUTE WITH A MOTOR VEHICLE ONCE THE ROAD IS CLOSED.

There will be some temporary ‘No Parking’ areas that will be posted close to the Boston Marathon Route.  Vehicles that park in these temporary no parking zones will be removed and towed.

Central Street, from Weston Road to Grove Street, and Washington Street, from Grove Street to Cameron Street will have barricades in place on Sunday, April 14, starting at 9:00PM.  No parking will be allowed on these sections of Washington Street and Central Street until the race has concluded the next day. 

Some additional temporary no parking zones include:

Curve Street on the west side from Linden to Crest.
Crest Road on the west side from Linden to Curve.
Howe Street on the south side from Weston to Curve.
Weston Road on the east side from Linden to Turner.
Central Street from Weston to Grove
Linden Street from Weston Road to Crest Road on both sides of the road.
Wellesley Ave from Washington to Atwood
Woodlawn, near the DPW entrance
Garden Road one side to Colburn
Colburn Road one side
Chestnut Street one side
Washington Street on both sides from Grove to the Newton line.
River Street
Wareland Road
Brook Street from Wellesley Ave to Amherst


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