New Wellesley dump mystery: A safe deposit box key is found

Swellesley reader CF found herself quite lucky to snag a red leather zippered Levenger folio/wallet at the just-re-opened Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility’s Reusables Area.

But she noticed later that inside her treasure was another find: a small blue envelope containing a key to a safe deposit box.

wellesley rdf leather
Can you solve the safe deposit box mystery?


Could this be the long-awaited sequel to that story of the hollowed-out book found at the dump years ago that was filled with $20K?

Might this overshadow Mr. & Mrs. Swellesley’s own harrowing library book snafu at the RDF?

The imagination gets carried away thinking about what could be found in a Wellesley-owned safe deposit box.

One clue for anyone who thinks this might belong to them: The numbers 1057 are handwritten under the flap of the envelope. The envelope warns: “‘loss of keys will cause you considerable expense.”

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