Wellesley RDF Reusables Area now open

Wellesley RDF reusablesThe Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility‘s (RDF) Reusables Area, where residents drop off their cast-offs and pick up those of their neighbors, is back after a winter hiatus. Many a home in town, yes even those swank enough to be on the Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club Kitchen & Home Tour, boast dump treasures that have achieved pride of place on the very mantlepiece.

Here are the RDF rules. Some follow them. Some break them. But nevertheless, they are in place.

Wellesley RDF, vase
Here’s a lovely wooden vase I picked up last year at the RDF Reusables Area. Perfect for holding a bouquet of spring tulips, flopping over like they just don’t care.

Wellesley RDF, volunteers
Wellesley RDF Reusables Area volunteers Barbara Faubert (left) and Martha Kiley. They could use reinforcements, so if you’re interested in volunteering stop by the RDF or email dpw@wellesleyma.gov for more information.

RDF hours:

Monday – Wednesday: 7am – Noon
Thursday and Friday: 7am – 3:45pm
Saturday: 7am – 4:45pm
Sunday: 11am – 3pm

One more RDF drop-off area

Wellesley RDF, toiletThe RDF has added a portable restroom for use during the Reusables Area season. Assistant Director of the Department of Public Works Jeff Azano-Brown said it was placed there “…with the intention of reducing customers walking across the traffic lanes to get to the Customer Service Office. It is open to all users of the RDF, serviced weekly, and not compostable (sorry).  There is one unisex restroom in the office which is available as well but the office gets very busy and crowded so we’re encouraging our customers to use the portable restroom.” (See also: “Potty time in Wellesley is a colorful sight“)

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