Wellesley sorority women sister it up on annual Badge Day

It was Sorority International Badge Day in Wellesley, and for the first time in many years I had to miss out as this group of super-fun Wellesley women got together and reaffirmed the bonds of  sisterhood. On Badge Day, everybody digs out their sorority pins from their days as a Gamma Phi Beta (me!), or a Kappa Alpha Theta, or a Pi Beta Phi, and more, and spends an evening reminiscing. Some have daughters who have rushed the same sorority at the same college they attended, others are very involved in helping out the local chapter of their sorority, while others just show up for the good time.

It’s a small but cheerful group. Some of us may have forgotten the secret handshake or what the heck it meant to sign off “Love in PKE” on letters (remember those?). But we all remember silly, bygone times and talk with pride about the service and scholarship components of our chapters, and about the way sorority life has changed with the times. Here’s to love, labor, learning, and loyalty, ladies.

Wellesley sorority badge night
Wellesley sorority Badge Day…sorry I had to miss it this year. Don’t take me off the email list, girls! Gosh, you all look fabulous, BTW. And HS, you’re welcome for the judicious cropping of this pic.

To to all you closeted sorority women out there, and I know you’re out there: it’s time for you to get on next year’s mailing list so that you can meet others who misspent their youth. Drop me an email at theswellesleyreport@gmail.com and I’ll make it happen. C’mon, we’re all worried about you — it’s not like you to snub fun. We need you to teach us new bad habits and help us generally sister it up.


Hanging with the sorority ladies in Wellesley

It was Wellesley sorority annual Badge Day. Here’s what we did about it

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