Wellesley’s North 40 vernal pool boardwalk nears completion

Here’s an aerial view of the North 40 boardwalk under construction at the corner of Weston Road and Turner Road in Wellesley.

vernal pool boardwalk tobin
High above the North 40 vernal pool and boardwalk. Photo via Michael Tobin.


The 400-foot boardwalk has been funded via Community Preservation Act monies from the Wellesley Community Preservation Committee, overseen by the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission (NRC), and is being built by volunteers including from Wellesley Conservation Council. (We spoke with NRC Director Brandon Schmitt about the boardwalk back in December.)

You can pay a visit to frogs, salamanders and more at the vernal pool by accessing the boardwalk from the north corner of the Weston Road Community Garden next to 148 Weston Rd. across from Howe St.

Thanks to Wellesley Conservation Commission’s Michael Tobin for sharing the photo above and the video below:

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