Freon leak causes Sprague School in Wellesley to close early for day

Sprague Elementary School in Wellesley closed early on Friday, May 31 due to a freon leak.

Wellesley Police Department’s Lt. Marie Cleary said, “There was an HVAC issue with some freon leaking at the Sprague school. Out of precaution they evacuated the students and then decided to have an early dismissal. There were no injuries, and the Facilities Maintenance Department has responded and is working on repairing the issue.”

Freon is a toxic substance, albeit one that everyone coexists with who owns a refrigerator, air conditioner, or other appliance used for cooling. Inhaling the refrigerant or dermal exposure can cause harm and result in irritation to the eyes, ears, and throat; headache; nausea and vomiting; chemical burn to the skin; and dizziness.

Friday, June 14 is the last day of school, and it can’t come soon enough in town. Earlier this month, a fire broke out at Hunnewell Elementary School at 28 Cameron St., causing the school to remain closed for several days. The Fire Department said the fire was electrical in nature, and not suspicious.

I’ve never known Wellesley’s buildings to be so dramatic, practically kicking kids out before the school year is up. Not that the kids would complain if the doors shut a couple of weeks early. The State, however, takes a dim view of such fantasies.

What next? Locusts?