Improper Wellesley: What’s to become of Improper Bostonian boxes now that magazine’s gone?

improper bostonian
Improper Bostonian box alongside those of assorted illustrious publications on Washington Street in Wellesley


While I was sorry to see the Improper Bostonian magazine fold after 28 years — I’d pick it up in order to give my eyes a screen break on the train — I imagine locals won’t be sorry to see the blue plastic boxes go away now that they no longer contain the publication.

It’s now been a month-plus since the magazine’s farewell, and boxes remain on the streets of Wellesley. I also pass by at least 9 of the blue boxes on my sub-mile morning and evening walks in Boston between South Station and my office (though think a few have disappeared over the past week or so).

improper bostonian box wellesley hills
Wellesley Hills train station Improper Bostonian dispenser once offered respite from cellphone viewing


The boxes always remind me of a college antic that I may or may not have been party to long past the statute of limitations involving the transport of a heavy metal USA Today newspaper box from a Commonwealth Avenue sidewalk to a dorm room…

Who’s in charge of getting rid of such boxes in Wellesley?

It depends on where they are and whose they are. Those on the sidewalk by Marathon Sports on Washington Street in Wellesley Hills are on town property. The one at the Wellesley Hills train station is the MBTA’s concern.

The town used to issue permits for the boxes but hasn’t done so in quite some time, perhaps because there are fewer requests to distribute print publications. The Department of Public Works has picked up defunct ones in the past.

Improper Bostonian publisher Wendy Semonian Eppich got right back to me when I inquired about plans for the boxes, and she asked me if I had any good ideas. I’d be glad to take one off her hands to store stuff in, but Mrs. Swellesley has given that a hard and fast “No.”

Semonian Eppich says: “We have had some interesting requests for them. I just need to take some time to explore them further.”

Got any ideas? Let us know:

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