Nearly 400 take part in Schofield 5K race


While I didn’t run the Schofield 5K this year, I did nearly run into it. I was on my way to play basketball at the Ouellet Field playground on Sunday morning, and just as I was about to turn on to Cedar Street I saw the throngs lining up at the starting line. Oh yeah, the race…

I skedaddled and found another way to the court on the other side of the starting line, allowing the runners and walkers to make their way across the hilly course on the cloudy-then-sunny Sunday morning.

Wellesley’s Greg Caiazzo finished first in a time of 20 minutes, with Yimei Huang outpacing all female runners to repeat as the women’s champ in 20:27. Full race results here.

When I circled back after my basketball game to take a few photos, the prize announcer was surrounded by kids eager to get their medals, while other youngsters bounced around on giant Fun Fair inflatables set up on the Schofield Elementary School field.


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