Wellesley pollen art exhibit: Exclusive world premiere

pollen art.

Not sure, but I think I’ve kind of invented a thing: Pollen Art.

(Well, there is this Wolfgang chap who had an exhibit at MOMA a few years back, but he was much less ambitious.)

The exhibit has grown out of a special sort of pain that these fine, powdery microgametophytes have inflicted upon my wheezy lungs over the past week. Rather than succumb to this attack, I’ve chosen to exploit these yellow and green hues in the name of art, using all my willpower to hold off sneezes during the artistic process and ruining everything.

This is all hand-crafted, done en pollen air style in our Wellesley backyard and driveway.

And people think I won’t have anything to do with an empty nest…I can hear the Wellesley of Society Artists calling me now.

pollen art.
Recreation of Wellesley High graduation photo


pollen art.
No bumper magnet or sticker for us: Wellesley Raiders logo


pollen art.
Wellesley Town Hall


mona lisa pllen
Mona Lisa

Oh, and local artist Elizabeth Cohen share this Renoir-esque pooling of pollen on Lake Waban.

lake waban pollen
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Cohen


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