Wellesley’s Boss Lady is not amused

Imagine this scenario: You’ve schlepped back to Wellesley from a long day at work, probably suffered a commuter rail delay, and get back to your car nearby the Wellesley Farms train station. You then notice the following nastygram placed under your windshield wipers by a poetic anti-hero who goes by the name Boss Lady and apparently has a trusty dog for a sidekick.

Wellesley boss lady
Redacted slightly: Hey, this is a family website


Now we can only speculate about the details of this situation, which we hope will not escalate to Wellesley Police log level.

Apparently some commuter, looking to save a few bucks, has been parking on a nearby road (parking is $6 a day at the Farms lot and the beleaguered MBTA is about to jack up commuter rail fares by about 7%). As far as we could see, there were no “No Parking” signs along this road, though am unclear whether there might be any town rules prohibiting such parking.

Maybe the car operator has been biding time awaiting services of an outfit such as Boxcar, which has begun addressing the Wellesley Hills commuter rail station parking crunch by renting out nearby spaces from a church for commuters to use.

Either way, Boss Lady isn’t amused. Her poetic note begins with salty language and ends with a heart emoji, so this could go in either direction.

I’m reminded of a time that I parked before a Red Sox game, legally, on a street nearby the Eliot green line station in Newton. Upon my return I found one of the windshields bashed in on my stylin’ Dodge Colt — a “crumy hatchback” [sic] to use Boss Lady’s terminology. I do recall getting the hairy eyeball from some porch-dwelling neighbors on my walk to the station, while I smugly thought of how I might use my $5 or $6 in parking savings on a third of a Fenway beer. Anyway, I flagged down a police officer and showed him my car. I vaguely recall filing a report that he said wouldn’t amount to anything, but I vividly remember the cop telling me that I should just park in the lot next time.

We’re not suggesting the Wellesley situation is going to head down that road. But we’ll be interested to see just how powerful Boss Lady turns out to be.

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