Wellesley Square’s July Jubilation was hot, hot, hot!

Despite the heatwave, Wellesley residents showed their community spirit by coming to enjoy the activities and sales at the annual July Jubilation. Kids and adults got their share of fun, whether it be petting chickens, ducks, and bunnies at the indoor petting zoo, or the sales at Isabel Harvey and other retailers during the Wellesley Square Merchants’ Association event. 

July Jubilation
Firefighters get wet


One of the buzzing events on this hot Saturday was the dunking tank organized by the firefighters. As the children lined up to have their shot at dunking the firefighter, giggling as they attempted to throw the ball on target, fellow firefighters helped each other cool off by giving the kids a little help and hitting the button. 

July Jubilation

Because of the heat, the town of Wellesley provided a truck with free cold water to help shoppers cool down. There were also mist machines set up around the event that both customers and dogs got to enjoy.

The Wellesley Theatre Project provided shoppers with live music as they performed songs from their upcoming production of Mary Poppins. 

July Jubilation performers
Wellesley Theatre Project performers


Although the predicted heatwave did not disappoint, both customers and performers came out to enjoy the day and support local business. The Wellesley Symphony Orchestra performed under a white tent, and a woman on stilts proved she could slice pieces of wood in half in any temperature. The atmosphere was joyful.

Wellesley Symphony Orchestra performs
Wellesley Symphony Orchestra music was in the air


Among all the stores that offered sidewalk stands and sales, one store, North River Outfitter (NRO), announced that this will be their last July Jubilation at their current location at 35 Central St. Store manager Whitney Pyzowski notes that they will begin softly moving next week into their new location.

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Their new location will also be in Wellesley, but it will be bigger and allow the store to include their ski equipment. “We are looking forward to expanding and having a bigger presence in Wellesley,” says Pyzowski. She continues, “We are sorry to be leaving the main street but our lease is up and the building is up for sale and is going to change hands.” Pyzowski says.

Pyzowski will continue as the manager at the new store and encourages customers to call 617-500-2408, NRO’s general number if they have any questions about the store’s move. 

stilts and scalliwags

Oh, and just in case you didn’t get the message that it was hot, this song said it all: