Welcome back to Wellesley: Here’s what you mighta missed this summer

Welcome back to Wellesley. By that we mean residents who’ve been off at their summer homes, traveling or otherwise not paying attention to town goings-on. We also welcome Babson College, MassBay and Wellesley College students, new and returning. And everyone else…

All in all, Wellesley was quiet. Mr. Swellesley and Swellesley Jr., even took advantage of the quiet streets to commute into town by the less expensive though erratic greenline instead of the more expensive and also erratic commuter rail, because they could zip across town twice as fast (legally) to the Riverside station as during the school year.

Here are some of the highlights from Wellesley that you might have missed over the summer:

boston sports institute field
Boston Sports Institute field (photo by Lara Smith)


  • Businesses came and went, or are on their way out. NRO moved from Wellesley Square to Linden Square, LF announced it is closing, Pine Straw is plotting its finale, Riceberg opened next to Old School Pizzeria, Linden Square gained a couple more fitness businesses, and more. Check out recent Wellesley Business Buzz wrap-ups for details.



  • Lots of road paving. According to the Highway Division, night paving will begin next week, weather permitting, and will include Washington Street, for those you wondering about the Rte. 16 stretch into South Natick. The schedule has not been finalized, but Wellesley Avenue, Weston Road, Church Street, Cross Street, and Waban Road will also be attended to. Notices will be going out to abutters once the schedule has been set.



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