Goodbye meter readers: Wellesley water system going high tech

Wellesley’s Water Division this month is beginning a town-wide upgrade to its metering system in an effort to help the town, residents and businesses keep a closer eye on water usage.

The upgrade process, which will continue through June 2021, involves replacing the old water meter system at homes and businesses with a system that will send data daily directly to the Water Division. No need for meter readers to visit your property on a regular basis to monitor water use, leaks, etc.


However, you can expect a visit from a private contractor, called Baystate Winsupply, which will be installing new water meters and radio transmitters at no additional charge on an appointment basis. You’ll be contacted initially about this modernization plan via good old-fashioned U.S. Mail, and in that letter you’ll get instructions on scheduling an appointment (you’ll get separate letters if you have meters for domestic use and irrigation). You should not reach out to the town to schedule an appointment.

More info on the Water Division’s upgrade plan.

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