Library event for teens: Real news (like in the Swellesley Report) vs. Fake news

Life-Ready Basics: Fake News vs Real News (Dec. 9, 4-5pm)

At some point in your life, you’re going to be expected to know how to do things that nobody ever really taught you how to do. When will that be? Nobody can say for sure, but you won’t want to feel unprepared. We’ll teach you life-skills that you’ll need to know to be, like, a real adult.

Find us at the Wellesley Free Library this week learning how to tell the difference between fake, biased, or clickbait-y news with a special guest presenter. Let’s work together to find accurate news that you can use to stay informed.

Ages: 13-17

Registration is required as space is limited. Register online or by calling 781-235-1610 x1107, or in person at the reference desk.

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