Wellesley visited by the most lovely, fluffy snow

Wellesley woke up Wednesday morning to a wintry scene courtesy of a couple inches of pretty, fluffy snow that lightly blanketed the town on Tuesday night. This is my kind of snow — not too heavy to shovel, not enough to cancel school or derail appointments, and decorative as all get-out. Feeling very cozy and New England-y today. Later on, I may even make soup.

Wellesley Town Hall bell
So delighted to see that the original Wellesley Town Hall bell has been let out of its protective plywood covering in time to get dressed up in bows and garland for the holiday season. The historic bell was shielded from potential falling debris for the past year while the Town Hall underwent exterior renovations.


Wellesley Town Hall, Christmas tree
Menorah, Christmas tree, and crescent stand sentry in front of Wellesley Town Hall. Completed in 1886, the town hall (and one-time library) is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. The $5 million renovation project started in summer 2018 and is nearing completion.

Wellesley Library
Wellesley Library as seen from the front-door area of Town Hall.

Wellesley Town Hall
By late morning, the clouds began to clear.

Wellesley Station Oak

The Wellesley Square Station Oak. The massive 150+ year-old, 70-feet tall Black Oak tree is a located near the post office.

Wellesley RDF
I stopped by the RDF to recycle and drop my trash into the compactor and my food waste into the large plastic containers conveniently located in front of each compactor.

Wellesley Gardners' Guild, post office
Wellesley Gardners’ Guild (WGG) did a great job on the winter arrangements for the Wellesley Square post office boxes.

Wellesley Gardeners' Guild
I stopped in to see the WGG members at their holiday greens workshop in the Wakelin Room of the library. As soon as I went through the revolving doors and entered the lobby, the scent of fresh-cut balsam hit me. I’m a WGG sustainer, but the truth is it’s they who sustain me. Looking good, ladies.