LINX classes spotlight: Martial Arts combines high-energy with mindfulness

SPONSORED POST: Children are more stressed and technology-reliant than ever before, while also experiencing less recess and gym time. Martial Arts, largely misunderstood as a fighting sport, is being rediscovered as an active form of mindfulness that increases mental health and physical activity.

Wellesley LINX, martial arts
Three students practice a traditional staff kata.

LINX Martial Arts capitalizes on the energy of students and their eagerness to punch, kick, and block to teach them to see, feel, and listen both internally and externally. Classes use high-energy movements, active stretching, and meditation to help children develop mindfulness, get a better feel for their body in space, and develop motor skills that our modern world leaves under developed. Students learn self discipline, goal setting, and attention that can be applied to everyday situations. For children age 3 – 5 years who naturally express emotion and release pent-up energy with punches and kicks, LINX Martial Arts teaches them to move thoughtfully and builds their mental and physical resilience. Older students benefit from the LINX Martial Arts curriculum that includes learning about strategies and ethics.

Wellesley LINX, martial arts
A beginner Martial Arts student works with Mr. T on a kick technique.

Todd Livingstone, a.k.a. Mr. T, is the sensei at LINX Martial Arts. He teaches with the mindset that, “It is more successful to outwit life’s problems rather than out-fight life’s problems.” His black belts in Kempo Karate and Jiu-Jitsu inspire students to work hard and set goals.

LINX invites all children ages 3 years – 12th grade to try something new in the new year by taking a free class (or classes) during our January 13th-18th Open House Week. Learn more