Rotary Club speaker to discuss sustainable benefits of electrification

Regina_LaRocque, Wellesley
Dr. Regina LaRocque

As part of the Wellesley Rotary Club‘s mission to support local programs centered on sustainability and health, the group will host speaker Dr. Regina LaRocque, MD/MPH, at its monthly meeting at the Wellesley College Club.

LaRocque is on staff at the Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Infectious Diseases and is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She often represents Partners HealthCare in urging state lawmakers to invest in clean energy.

The Wellesley resident and member of Sustainable Wellesley will present the health and carbon reduction benefits of electrification, with clear facts on how such actions will result in significant health benefits for citizens of Massachusetts. She will explain why and how Wellesley should make the change and how the Rotary Club and Sustainable Wellesley can work together to achieve important goals. Join the Rotary Club for this exciting event.

WHEN: February 4, 6:15pm to 8pm
LOCATION: Wellesley College Club, 727 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA.

All are welcome for the light buffet and easy conversation beginning at 6pm, followed by Dr. LaRoque’s presentation.


The Rotary Club of Wellesley is one of Wellesley’s oldest community service groups and conducts local programs to benefit the Town of Wellesley. The public is always invited to any Rotary program. Please check the web site for times and location.

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