Wellesley topiary: A seahorse, of course?

Some say it’s obvious that the topiary in front of One Hollis St., at the intersection of Linden Street in Wellesley, is a seahorse.

topiary linden st wellesley

But that topiary is also different things to others, as we recently learned when posing a question on our Facebook page about it: “Here we are in 2020, still asking: What is this Linden St topiary supposed to be?”

My gut has told me it’s a seahorse. Why a seahorse in the middle of Wellesley? Why not.

But I’ve also wondered if it might be a cat.

Linden St topiari

Others who responded to the photo shown above suggested it might be an elephant spinning. Or more specifically, Babar the Elephant’s head.

“It was a seahorse – now it’s a badly groomed show poodle,” wrote one Swellesley regular.

A guy straddling an elephant and wearing boxing gloves, chimed in another. A Twitter follower asserted: “Lobstah of course.”

We reached out to the property manager of One Hollis St.. to see if they might have any particulars on the ornamental shrubbery and what it’s future might hold. We haven’t heard back, but will update this post if we do.

While less ambitious than the postcard-worthy topiary on Hunnewell property abutting Lake Waban, the Hollis Street landmark has a wider audience given its proximity to the Wellesley Square train station and Linden Square shopping center.

As for what the Hollis Street topiary is supposed to be, one reader offers this viewpoint: “Anything one imagines.”

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Topiary along Lake Waban.


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