Explore Mars at Wellesley’s Whitin Observatory on Saturday night

About once a month during the spring and fall semesters, Wellesley College students and faculty open the Whitin Observatory to members of the public. Visitors are invited to take a tour, listen to talks, and (when clear) look through our 6-inch and 12-inch telescopes. There is a unique theme for each public night, and this time around it is Mars.

The event takes place Feb. 22 from 7-9pm.

Public nights are free and will be held regardless of weather conditions. No reservations are required.

Children must be supervised by their grownups.

whitin observatory wellesley college

If you are visiting us for a Whitin Night, please know that the Observatory driveway and circle are closed to vehicles after sunset.  Please see this link for directions and information about parking.

Talks and activities happen at the scheduled time, rain or shine, and telescopic observing only if skies are clear. 

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