Mrs. Swellesley hangs with the cool girls of Wellesley Friendship Circle

There’s no better way to start off the week than hanging out with the sociable crew at Wellesley Friendship Circle. I was invited to speak to the group of about 15, who wanted to know all about how my husband and co-editor Bob Brown and I deliver “more news than you really want to know about Wellesley, Massachusetts.”

Wellesley Friendship Circle
Hanging with the cool girls of Wellesley Friendship Circle. They invited me in to talk about my Swellesley Report adventures and how Bob and I started this whole crazy endeavor.

Friendship Circle is a social group for senior women in Wellesley, which meets on Mondays through mid-May. Hosted by Wellesley Friendly Aid and the Wellesley Service League, members enjoy a wide range of activities including crafts, holiday parties, various guest speakers, and musical performances. Transportation and lunch are provided.

Of course I stuck around for lunch and chit-chat. Thanks for having me, ladies. You all photograph beautifully.