‘Wellesley firefighters may have saved our home…’

wellesley fire department.Early Saturday morning turned out to be more eventful than Wellesley’s Phil Gormley and Erica Bisguier would have liked, but at least it didn’t turn out disastrous.

Gormley writes:

In the early morning of Saturday, Feb. 22, my wife and I awoke to the smell of smoke. It was not intense enough to set off the smoke detectors but the smell pervaded the house. After we failed to find the source we phoned the Wellesley Fire Department. Though it was clearly not an emergency, three trucks with four firefighters arrived within minutes.

After a 30-minute search the firefighters identified the source as a shorted wire in the control unit of our furnace. Indeed, the furnace was overheating and on the verge of igniting surrounding paper and bookshelves. With their quick response and diligence in their search Firefighters Peter Indresano and Ben Hampton, Lieutenant Ken DeMerchant, and Deputy Chief Chuck DiGiandominico prevented a serious fire and possibly the loss of our home.

We extend our thanks to them and to the numerous Wellesley town workers that keep residents safe and the town operating.

Phil Gormley & Erica Bisguier

514 Washington Street

I followed up with Gormley to ask if there was any chance he might have just slept through all this. “I wasn’t even sure I was smelling anything. Had to wake my wife to verify and could easily have slept through it,” he wrote.

In the end, the firefighters killed the breaker to the furnace and shut off the gas. While their house is now “COLD,” Gormley says, replacement gear is on order for Monday.
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