We’ve seen the signs — Wellesley votes on March 17th

This Wellesley Town Election 2020 post is sponsored by Mirick for School Committee. Catherine Mirick says, “The School Committee needs experience, balanced leadership to move forward with implementing the new strategic plan and to get schools built. As a leader, I bring people together, listen to all viewpoints, collaborate, build consensus and then move forward to get projects done.”

Signing on

As the March 17th date for the annual Wellesley Town Election moves closer, we’d like to issue a public service announcement to play nice with the political yard signs. As in no sign stealing and no defacing of signs. If you think Wellesley is far too civilized for such shenanigans, well all I can say is that it’s happened before.

This time around, let’s play nice, voters.

Here are the hometown rules:

Under the Town of Wellesley Sign Bylaw, signs are not defined or regulated by their message (ex. real estate sign, political sign, etc.) but rather by their type (ex. wall sign, ground sign, temporary sign, etc.). In the Town, signs commonly referred to as political or campaign signs fall under the category of standard informational sign. Each property in Town is allowed to display one (1) standard informational sign throughout the year, and an unlimited number of such signs beginning 30 days before and ending 5 days after any federal, state or local election, ballot initiative and/or referendum. These signs are restricted to a maximum size of six (6) square feet per side (ex. 2’ x 3’) and a maximum height of three (3) feet (a maximum height of six (6) feet for “post and arm” style signs). In addition to the above, all signs are prohibited from being located within the right-of-way of a street or on Town-owned property without the permission of the Board of Selectmen.

This means political signs should not be placed on street islands, corners, park land or other public property.  Residents who wish to display signs should place them well back from the street line for sight line safety of motorists and pedestrians. On election day signs at polling places must be attended at all times.

Now doesn’t that sound simple?

Win or lose, the Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility encourages all candidates and their supporters to recycle all political signs once the Wellesley town election is over.

Remember to vote in Wellesley’s Town Election on Tuesday, March 17.

Here’s how to find out where to vote in Wellesley.