These Wellesley gentlemen get around for a good cause

The Wellesley Gentlemen’s Society teamed up with Maugus Restaurant to deliver meals on Friday to those on the front line during the COVID-19 crisis.

The WGS (represented by Steve Pfaff, Joe Roberts, Martin Kane and Justin Maiona) and Charlie Papakonstantinou from Maugus brought a total of 120 sandwiches to the Wellesley Police Department,  Fire Department and Department of Public Works.

“WGS is happy to not only support a local family business during these trying times but also to provide lunch for our brave first responders and hardworking DPW crew,” the charitable organization says.

WGS raises funds to assist local organizations, charities and institutions that benefit the town. The Society holds its annual dinner each December at Wellesley Country Club. If you’re interested in learning more about the WGS, please contact Steve Pfaff ( or Martin Kane (

Wellesley Gentlemen's Society at Police DepartmentWellesley Gentlemen's Society at Wellesley Fire Department

Wellesley Gentlemen's Society at DPW
Wellesley Gentlemen’s Society at DPW

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