Wellesley Art in the Park heads to Instagram

Wellesley’s annual Art in the Park community event has had its challenges in the past with dicey weather that might drench or blow away someone’s work. But the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique challenge that has driven the event, which would have been held as part of the now at-least postponed Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend, onto Instagram.

Art in the Park, which began in 2013, this year has the theme of Silver Linings for obvious reasons. The public is invited to express that theme in art, via any medium, and then share it during May as a square Instagram post using #artinthehomewellesley. A selection of the art will be featured in the organizers’ Instagram Gallery at Art_In_The_Park_Wellesley.
You’re also encouraged to display your art publicly at your home, and hopefully someday a collection of this work will be displayed for all of Wellesley to see.

art in park wellesley
Art in the Park in 2019

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