Wellesley Symphony musicians perform al fresco for nursing home & rehab residents


Emil Altschuler, violinist
Violinist Emil Altschuler, (photo by Mickey Goldin)

Members of the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra haven’t been able to perform their usual concerts since February, but individual members recently performed live on a smaller scale at the Elizabeth Seton Residence skilled nursing and rehab facility in Wellesley.

Visiting the campus has been off-limits since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, but orchestra members Emil Altschuler (violin) and Seth MacLeod (cello) were able to perform outside at the campus, with isolated residents at Elizabeth Seton Residence and the adjoining Marillac Residence rest home listening in through open windows. Staff, which has been under pressure providing healthcare services, enjoyed the music, too.

The effort was fitting in that the orchestra has used space on the campus over the years for practice sessions.

Cellist Seth MacLeod playing in the courtyard
Cellist Seth MacLeod playing in the courtyard (Photo by Mickey Goldin)


elizabeth seton resident listens to music
Resident enjoys the music (photo by Lori Ferrante)


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