Wellesley wildlife thriving with the rest of us out of the way

Swellesley reader MC caught this excellent video of a muskrat doing its thing at the edge of State Street Pond (Skating Pond) near the Wellesley High School track.

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Muskrat at Wellesley’s State Street Pond (Skating Pond)

Posted by The Swellesley Report (Wellesley, Mass.) on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Meanwhile, over at Longfellow Pond…

longfellow geese

Separately, Len Ho shared these fantastic hawk photos. Good to see someone is making good use of Sprague Field during the pandemic shutdown.

Sprague hawk

Sprague hawk
Photos by Len Ho

And we caught this blue heron checking out different spots on the Charles River.

heron charles heron charles


Suzy Littlefield shared the story about the photo below of a snake:

“While walking down the Sudbury path to Guernsey Sanctuary on Thursday I saw a frog in the stream.  I went to get a picture but the snake was faster!  You can just see a leg or two coming out of his mouth.”

snake and frog
Photo by Suzy Littlefield

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