Morses Pond temporarily gets a new gate, courtesy of Mother Nature

morses tree down
Tree blocking path to Morses Pond beach

Wellesley uses the metal gate on Turner Road to block access to Morses Pond and its parking lot. Mother Nature on Tuesday added a second barrier, in the form of a felled tree during the storm, to make it even harder to access the beach off-hours.

I happened by at around 7:15AM to find the felled tree blocking access just after the little bridge before the check-in station at the beach. Dog walkers were in a tizzy, spreading the word among themselves that you were going to have to be pretty athletic if you wanted to walk pupsie around the small pond.

Give the Department of Public Works credit though. Those guys were on it by 7:30AM, clearing away the tree and debris presumably in time for the beach to open up.

morses tree down
DPW on the job