Phil the Wellesley philodendron: an update

Thanks to all for your comments and concerns about Phil the Philodendron, the once sad little rescue houseplant with an indomitable will to live. I wrote last month about the big lug and how after a few short years he’s grown into a handsome specimen with confidence and swagger to spare.

We just moved him upstairs after his summer spa vacation on the front steps of our house. Fall is coming, and Phil is cold-sensitive. Uncle Jerry from Dorchester, gardener extraordinaire says so, and when Uncle Jerry says get that plant inside, I don’t argue.

Here are his new digs. Please wish Phil well as he readjusts to life on the inside.

Phil the Wellesley Philodendron
Phil the Wellesley Philodendron enjoys a sunny corner. Linen panels and braided rug from the RDF Reusables Area, as was Phil himself.

Here’s Phil on his yearly front-step spa vacation:

Wellesley philodendron