Wellesley takes Veterans Day ceremony outdoors at Town Hall

Members of the public joined Wellesley firefighters, police officers, town officials and veterans in recognizing Veterans Day outside of Town Hall at the war memorial along Washington Street.

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Navy veteran and Wellesley Middle School teacher Ken Johnson makes remarks

The event usually held in the Great Hall at Town Hall, but the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t allow for that.

The outdoor venue proved nice on a pleasantly sunny and windy day, though between the wind, masks and finicky mic, I won’t pretend that I heard most of what veterans like Royall Switzler, Pete Jones, Ken Johnson and Lorelei King said, but the gist was that they were proud to serve and encourage us all to honor veterans.

Wellesley Media was on hand and has posted its recording.

You can also soak in local and national military history by strolling around Wellesley this month to see window displays saluting veterans.

Earlier in the day, Natick honored veterans wounded in combat as it raised its new Purple Heart flag at the Natick Community-Senior Center.

Army Sergeant Lorelei King, a Wellesley veteran, shares a poem
Army Sergeant Lorelei King shares a poem

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Army Sergeant Royall Switzler of Welelsley
Army Sergeant Royall Switzler of Welelsley


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Navy Veteran and MassBay Professor John Dirlam shares some Veterans Day and Armistice Day history