Pinnacle Residential Properties: the concept of home & roots

SPONSORED POST: Lindsey Fay is a real estate agent at Pinnacle Residential Properties. She writes about Wellesley as the home her family loves.

I think about the concept of home a lot. Especially over this past year, when home has come to mean more to us than we ever realized before. It has provided us with sanctuary, a bubble of safety and normalcy, and very necessary constancy during uncertain times.

Pinnacle, Lindsey Fay
Lindsey, her husband Doug, their three children (Jack, 10; Olivia, 9; Teddy, 6), and Memphis

Recently my husband and I were having a conversation about home and roots. We were discussing how we respond when people ask, “Where are you from?” Seems like a simple enough question and my response comes easily. “I’m from Wellesley.” Other than for brief periods, I have spent most of my life here and this is where my family is from. I am a third generation Wellesley resident.

My parents live around the corner in Cliff Estates and my grandmother still lives in the Westgate Porter colonial where she and my grandfather raised their seven children. We have a legacy of wonderful memories, and we’ve derived much enjoyment from some of the simple opportunities living in this town has presented.

My dad’s family was always involved with Wellesley sports (especially basketball), and my grandfather loved to coach the kids. After he retired from a sales career in the late 80s, he took a position as coach of the Wellesley High Girl’s Varsity Basketball team. He was very proud of his team and was able to help them qualify for playoffs in 1990.

Pinnacle, Lindsey Fay
Don Fay, at a Wellesley High Women’s varsity playoff game at Boston Garden c.1990

While my roots run deep here, for the past ten years my husband has established his own. He is originally from outside of Chicago, but he has been away from the midwest longer than he lived there.

When people ask him where he is from, he tells them that he grew up in Illinois but that home is Wellesley. He acknowledges his history, but his sentimental notion of home is right here.

We have moved four times within Wellesley over the past ten years. As our family grew, so did our need for space. In every neighborhood we always felt at home. The house was the structure and our shelter, but this community has been the constant safe haven, the source of comfort, and the foundation of home.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people move to this place that I love. Some are lucky enough to be able to move back to Wellesley the town where they grew up, to raise their families. Others directed their search in Wellesley because of its reputation for beauty, excellent schools, and its proximity to Boston. They have found that even if they may not have family here, they still establish their home in this special community.

More about Lindsey Fay

Pinnacle, Lindsey FayIf you are considering selling or buying a home, you can reach Lindsey at  617-893-8337 (c) or 781-237-5000 (o). She will be happy to provide you with some ideas and insights using her many years of expertise and experience.

Lindsey’s keen intelligence and comprehensive understanding of the greater Boston real estate market makes her a very strong asset to her clients.  Since joining Pinnacle in 2016, Lindsey has helped many clients successfully navigate the home selling and buying process. She is especially sensitive to the needs of families relocating to the area, and with her vast knowledge of various neighborhoods, different schools, and local resources, she can help make the transition into the area seamless. She also has considerable savvy when it comes to home updating projects and the best ways to present a home to the market. All this, coupled with her warmth, good humor, and grace sets her apart and makes the experience of working with her a pleasure.

Before joining Pinnacle, Lindsey worked in residential property management and executive recruiting. She grew up in Westwood MA and Wellesley MA. She attended the Noble & Greenough School in Dedham, and Trinity College in CT. She and her husband live in Wellesley with their three children. When Lindsey is not selling real estate, you can find her supporting local youth athletics. She is also active in the Wellesley Public Schools.