Wellesley Animal Control Officer Sue Webb to retire after 45 years on the job

Wellesley Animal Officer Sue Web is set to retire this month after 45 years on the job keeping the town safe for residents by making sure that animals are kept under control, licensed, and vaccinated, among other duties.

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Animal Control Officer Sue Webb, pictured with Officer Lamars Hughes, 2018.

In an email, Officer Webb says starting Stray Pets in Need (SPIN) is one of the projects she’s most proud of. The program, she says, makes sure “all unclaimed pets had a place to go for treatment and adoption so animals picked up by Animal Control are never euthanized due to lack of space or funding for medical treatment.”

She also cited promoting microchip clinics to implant tiny transponders in pets’ skin to aid in finding lost animals. Because of the program, she says the town has a very high rate of return to owners of both dogs and cats.

Officer Webb has also over the years stepped up coordination with volunteers and veterinarians to trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate and return feral cats to their feeders or colonies. The program experienced its intended gradual success, getting Wellesley to the point where the town no longer has colonies of feral cats.

One part of the job Officer Webb really enjoyed was the opportunity to tell young people about what she does. “When it was possible to go into the schools, I really enjoyed educating the kids and had developed different topic for each grade level so they learned something new each year I came to talk.”

As for the future, Officer Webb will continue her volunteer work with SPIN to coordinate volunteers to help with transportation of senior’s pets to veterinary appointments. She also coordinates foster for pets from domestic violence programs through Safe People Safe Pets.

“There are so many other issues I want to devote more time promote through legislation and networking with others,” Officer Webb says, as well as taking “some time to travel in my camper and visit friends and interesting sites around the country.”

As of her retirement date, Tuesday, January 5, 2021, that time will be hers.

We wish Sue well.

Think you can fill Officer Webb’s shoes? Here’s what it takes:

The Town of Wellesley is currently seeking an Animal Control Officer. The incumbent in this role will be responsible for enforcing Wellesley’s Animal Control By-law including Chapter 140, Section 136-175 of the General Laws of the State.

Under the general supervision of the Police Chief, this position provides a safe environment for its citizens and protects them against disease and uncontrollable dogs or other animals and determines if dogs or pets are a nuisance, miscreant of duly licensed within the meaning of the Animal Control By-law. The incumbent investigates and reports all animal bites to the Board of Health and is responsible for proper quarantine of the animals reported to have bitten a person for the mandatory 10 day isolation period and reporting to the condition of the animal at the end of the 10 day isolation period. Additionally, this position takes animal specimens to the State Diagnostic Laboratory in Jamaica Plain for evaluation that have been involved in biting situations of humans, assists at annual dog rabies clinics and makes annual inspections of all premises in Wellesley that keep domestic livestock. Additional duties include patrolling school playgrounds and other recreational areas in a specially equipped van to seek out and capture uncontrolled, stray, unlicensed and other dogs in violation of the By-law and transporting to kennel for impoundment or place in custody of a veterinarian for hospitalization, investigating complaints and taking appropriate action as warranted, including snaring animals with rope, net or other approved devices and place animal in caged vehicle or will issue citation notice or restraining order to owner in accordance with the Animal Control By-law and will follow up to assure owner is in compliance.

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