Wellesley art gallery announces 5th annual exhibition winners

An underlying message emerged throughout the 138+ art submissions to the Page Waterman Gallery’s 5th annual juried exhibition,  NEXT UP!, according to gallery manager and artist Ryan Black. In each of the three categories of artworks. “A theme of isolation, longing, loneliness, and a want for human contact and interaction brought on by a year of separation from their peers” came across loud and clear, Black said.

Page Waterman, Wellesley, NEXT UP!
Wellesley High School’s Iris Xia took third place in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking for The Other Side,watercolor paper and graphite; 12″ x 9″

Despite the challenges of creating art during pandemic, the students managed to convey and communicate personal emotion and empathy in paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, and sculptures, which Black says is the goal of all artists.

Jurors Keris Salmon (photographer, filmmaker and textile designer) and Allison Tolman ) owner at The Tolman Collection of New York) had their work cut out for them as they selected works for honorable mentions, and first-, second-, and third-place. Page Waterman honored the top three winning entrants in each category with gift cards to the gallery—$100 for 3rd place; $250 for 2nd place; and $500 for 1st place.

The first, second and third place winners’ artwork will be on display at Page Waterman for the next couple of weeks. There’s still time to support your favorite artists by casting a People’s Choice vote. Winners of the People’s Choice awards will be announced May 28th.

Wellesley High School students made a big showing at NEXT UP!, with over 40 WHS artists contributing to the exhibition.

Iris Xia took third place in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking, while Nick Partridge received an Honorable Mention in that category.

Katie Ng received an Honorable Mention in Photography.

For their Sculpture and 3-D works, Honorable Mentions were received by Benjamin Merrick, Adam Walton, Sophie, Crawshaw, Jasmine Choi, and Sasha Jurianiz.

The list of winners in its entirety is below. Congratulations to all the entrants on their beautiful and thought-provoking works.

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

First place, Isabella Zayben, Metamorphosis
Second place, Eunice Lee, Weston High School, Measurement
Third place, Iris Xia, Wellesley High School, The Other Side

Honorable Mentions:
Rebecca Riley, Natick High School, My Personal ATM
Annie Heuer, The Rivers School, Tension
Lindsey Filloon, The Rivers School, Beyond Expression
Keira Thompson, The Rivers School, Poetic Justice
Nick Partridge, Wellesley High School, Whiskey


1st place, Hanna Lapides, The Rivers School, Winter Exhale
2nd place, Bella Hauser, Beaver Country Day School, Longing I
3rd place, Will Elwood, The Rivers School, Spatial Puzzle

Honorable Mentions:
Bella Hauser, Beaver Country Day School, Longing III
Mia Simon, The Rivers School, No Change
Maggie Leeming, The Rivers School Affection c 2020
Chris Guerrier, Beaver Country day, The Portrait
Katie Ng, Wellesley High School, Isolation

Sculpture and 3-D works

1st place, Philip Spyron, Nobles & Greenough, Self Portrait of the Aegean Sea
2nd place, Lilianna Gross, Wellesley High School, Tangled
3rd place: Isabelle Guiliano, The Rivers School, Overshadow

Honorable mentions:
Benjamin Merrick, Wellesley High School, Splatter Pitcher
Adam Walton, Wellesley High School, Plate Series
Sophie, Crawshaw, Wellesley High School, Tree of Equilibrium
Jasmine Choi, Wellesley High School, Half Dozen Donuts
Sasha Juriansz, Wellesley High School, Arabesque