Wellesley COVID-19 update: More than half of residents now fully vaccinated

The share of Wellesley’s population fully vaccinated against COVID-19 crossed the 50% mark this past week, according to weekly data released by the state. The data is murkier than in past weeks because 12-15-year-olds have started to get vaccinated, and because fewer than 30 had in Wellesley at the time the data was released, it has been suppressed to protect privacy.

Wellesley has more than 15,000 residents fully vaccinated, and the state now has surpassed 3.3 million fully vaccinated against the disease.

Wellesley boasts 65% of its population with at least 1 dose. Significant increases were seen among the 30-49 age group, with those fully vaccinated increasing from 61% to 69% over the past week, while 86% of those in the 50-64 age category in Wellesley are now vaccinated, up from 82% the week before.

Wellesley’s COVID-19 numbers, including an average daily incidence rate now just over 2, are heading in the right direction. Wellesley Public Schools report 87% of staff is fully vaccinated, and a clinic is being held at the high school on May 25 for 12-17-year-olds.

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