Wellesley restaurant takeout tour continues: CK Shanghai

CK Shanghai
CK Shanghai Lo Mein, Peking Ravioli & a Zucchini dish


Our pandemic period Wellesley restaurant takeout tour continued this past Friday night with CK Shanghai (15 Washington St., in Lower Falls), which served up delicious Lo Mein, Peking Ravioli, Szechuan Wontons, and Chicken Zucchini. Not sure how they pulled it off, but the zucchini was just the perfect consistency…so hard not to under- or over-do it. We got a generous portion of Peking Ravioli, which we took steamed. They were weighty and just sweet enough to go down like candy.

We followed up to thank the restaurant for our fine meal, and asked a few questions upon seeing that the restaurant remained closed for dining in. They tell us that they are hoping to reopen for indoor dining by the start of summer once their staff is vaccinated. Unfortunately, they don’t think they’ve got a good option for outdoor dining given the space.

As for surviving the pandemic: “The business survived the peak of a pandemic and has demonstrated how great loyal customers have supported us and other restaurants in Wellesley during this time.” CK Shanghai hasn’t seen any real silver linings during the pandemic, and looks forward to the new normal.

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