Wellesley Mothers Forum kicks off new membership year

The Wellesley Mothers Forum is kicking off the 2021-2022 membership year with almost 300 members and over 40 volunteers looking forward to a return to a more normal slate of social gatherings than were allowed during the thick of the pandemic.

Co-Presidents Rachel Dulberg and Margaret Donahue, along with a new board, look forward to re-instating in-person playgroups, couples’ nights as well as the fall carnival while adhering to all recommended CDC guidelines.

The Forum is open to mothers from Wellesley and surrounding towns, and helps them to build a long-term support network in person and online.  Groups within the Forum cater to moms of children with special needs, working moms, kids entering kindergarten, and more. 

Other Forum benefits include access to lectures on topics from parenting to health, a local merchant discount program, and access to meals for new moms and families during times of need.

The Forum charges $165 for an annual membership, which is pro-rated depending upon what time of year you join. Send email to membership@wellesleymothersforum.com with questions.

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