Wellesley Food Pantry: “Please donate before you head out for vacation”

The Wellesley Food Pantry asks residents to consider shopping for a few extra items and dropping them into the donation bins at Roche Bros. or Whole Foods. Summer donations typically drop off dramatically in July and August as schools let out and residents drift away on their vacations.

Wellesley Food Pantry
Photo credit: Wellesley Food Pantry

Take a look at the Wellesley Food Pantry Wish List, which is updated weekly. The Pantry asks that donors refer to this list for purchases due to limited storage space.

In addition, the largesse from vegetable gardens is very welcome. Residents can drop fresh produce donations on Tuesdays, 8am-11:30am, in the Wellesley Hills Church kitchen (from the west entrance, down the stairs and to the right before entering the assembly room), located at 207 Washington Street.

Thanks in advance from the Food Pantry to Weston Road Community Gardens and Mass Hort’s garden, and to the National Charity League for coordinating drop-offs.