Business Buzz: Wellesley NYT bestseller Ben Coes has new thriller; meet the Charles River Regional Chamber; Sara Campbell Sidewalk Sale

Our roundup of the latest Wellesley, MA business news:

Ben Coes WellesleyWellesley NYT bestseller Ben Coes has new thriller

This summer’s biggest action-packed thriller, The Island, by Wellesley resident and New York Times best-selling author Ben Coes is set to drop on Aug.  17. Fans will be gratified to know that all the guys are back—Dewey, Tacoma, Calibrisi, Polk, King, and Dellebaugh. This group of tough guys is isn’t afraid of a little rough-and-tumble or blood-and-guts (or a lot). We hear there’s plenty of action and mayhem from start to finish.

The publisher’s blurb says, “America is about to face the deadliest terrorist attack on its soil since 9/11. Iran has been planning a revenge attack for years, with three goals in mind. Bring America to its knees. Assassinate the popular U.S. President J. P. Dellenbaugh. And neutralize their most successful agent, Dewey Andreas.

The first pre-emptive attack against Dewey Andreas fails but it worries the head of the CIA enough that he sends Dewey out of town and off the grid. But as intelligence analysts work as fast as they can to unravel the chatter on terrorist networks, Muhammed el-Shakib, head of Iran’s military and intelligence agency, launches a bold strike. When the President arrives in New York to address the U.N., embedded terrorist assets blow up the bridges and tunnels that connect Manhattan to the mainland. Taking control of the island with its hidden forces, they race to the U.N. in search of Dellenbaugh and to launch an even deadlier attack that will wreak unimaginable destruction on the country itself.

While a shocked country struggles to mount a counter-attack, a hopeless, outmanned and outgunned Dewey Andreas sneaks onto the island of Manhattan to fight a seemingly impossible battle.”

My heart is pounding already.

Meet the Charles River Regional Chamber

The name Newton-Needham Regional Chamber was no longer cutting it given that the not-for-profit organization now has so many Wellesley and Watertown businesses and nonprofits in its fold. The new name of the 100-plus-year-old group is the Charles River Regional Chamber, a nod to the waterway that flows through these communities.

The Wellesley Chamber of Commerce closed last year and encouraged members to join the larger regional chamber, which has gained nearly 50 Wellesley members this year.

“We see this [rebranding] move as making good on our commitment to the former Wellesley Chamber board members to treat Wellesley as a full member of the family,” wrote Greg Reibman, the chamber’s president & CEO.

The outfit, which began as the Newton Chamber of Commerce in 1915, is close to having a thousand members.


CRRC Full Logo Two Color - Copy


The Sara Campbell sale you don’t want to miss

SPONSORED CONTENT: Sara Campbell, WellesleySara Campbell at 200 Linden St. will hold its annual Wellesley Sidewalk Sale August 26-29. Look for samples, product from all stores, and even some finds from previous seasons. Enjoy major discounts on sale items.


Thursday, August 26—10:20am-5:30pm
Friday, August 27—10:20am-5:30pm
Saturday, August 28—10:20am-5:30pm
Sunday, August 29—noon-4pm

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